Our Health Promise


Chickens Raised With
"MBM Free" Feed

Most Chicken and fish food made in Bangladesh contains Meat & Bone Meal (MBM). MBM is the cheapest protein, made by cooking, drying & grinding slaughterhouse waste (intestines,bones.feet etc). MBM can contain harmful bacteria. That is why chickens we grow for our branded meet products are raised on feed that does not contain any MBM.

"No Antibiotic Residue"
in the Chicken Meat

Chickens on farms are sometimes given antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. Many people are concerned that when they eat farmed chickens, they will unknowingly consume "residual" antibiotics, which may still have been in the chicken's body at the time of slaughter. We guarantee that the chickens used to make Kazi Farms chicken products were not given antibiotics for at least 10 days before slaughter, so there will be no antibiotic residue in the chicken meat.

"MSG and Nitrate Free"

Many People are concerned that certain ingredients like MSG & nitrates food additives are harmful to human health.We do not use MSG or nitrate in the recipes for Kazi Farms chicken products.