Our Health Promises

Our Health Promises

All Kazi Farms Kitchen products are prepared with chickens which are vegetable-fed and completely free of harmful preservatives, antibiotic residue and tasting salt. We are dedicated to providing your family with mouth-watering and healthy food products.

Promise #1: Vegetable-fed Chickens

At Kazi Farms Kitchen, chickens are raised on feed that do not contain any MBM or Meat and Bone Meal (also simply known as 'slaughterhouse waste'). That is why our chickens do not run the risk of containing any harmful bacteria.

Promise #2: No Harmful Preservatives

Preservatives used in food products can be severely harmful for human health. Kazi Farms Kitchen products do not contain any harmful preservatives.

Promise #3: No Antibiotic Residue

Chickens on farms are sometimes given antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. When people eat farmed chickens or products made from those chickens, they unknowingly consume "residual" antibiotics, which may still have been in the chicken's body at the time of slaughter. This may end up building resistance to antibiotics in the human body. We guarantee that there are no residual antibiotics in Kazi Farms Kitchen products.

Promise #4: No Tasting Salt

Food additives like tasting salt (also known as MSG or monosodium glutamate) can cause headache and high blood pressure. Kazi Farms Kitchen products are completely free of tasting salt.